Easter Weekend- Time to Spring Clean Your Life.

April 22, 2014




Top: Zara (see similar here)

Jeans: Topshop

Boots: Asos

I’m officially launching the new blog today! I’ve made a few changes to the layout, which is by Blogzilla from Etsy- you can find it by clicking here. They were really great and even helped me to install the theme so I would definitely recommended them to any other bloggers. You’ve probably noticed that I’ve not transferred any posts. I wanted to wipe the slate clean so If you do want to go back and read old posts I’ve kept them all up on the old site which you can access by clicking here. I’d love your feedback on the new look and feel of the blog too so if you could let me know what you think that would be great!

So I hope you guys all had a lovely Easter. For me Easter always signifies a fresh start in the year, so aside from eating chocolate. I spent my day clearing out my room and my wardrobe! For me Easter isn’t just a time to clean your house, it’s about spring cleaning your life- a time for getting stuff done and my motivation has never been higher, so I’ve complied a list of goals for Spring:

1) EXERCISE- Pre Easter I was in an exercise routine, working out 4 times a week but then the Easter break came along and so did the chocolate and it all just went out the window. So as of tomorrow I’m getting back on the exercise band wagon!


2) CONFIDENCE- So this probably won’t be very popular but the appearance of my nose is something I have been uncomfortable with for a while now, I’ve alway felt unhappy with the size and shape, feeling it’s too big for my face. I’ve never felt confident or happy with my appearance. So I’ve decided to take the leap into having plastic surgery- having nose reduction surgery to make it more in proportion with the rest of my face. I’ve got my first consultation with MYA tomorrow and I can’t wait. I’m not trying to promote plastic surgery but if there is an area of your appearance that you cannot change yourself and an area that is really getting you down then It can really change your life. I’m going to be posting updates on how it’s going in the run up to surgery.


3) SPRING/SUMMER WARDROBE: So after my clear out it’s safe to say that I definitely need a new spring wardrobe. I’ve already got my eye on a few key pieces but I’ll be collating some posts on top spring buys over the next few weeks of pieces which aren’t that expensive but can really change your wardrobe.


4) FINAL MAJOR PROJECT (FMP): So I mentioned quite a few posts ago now that I’ve started my final major project for college now. As part of the project I want to get feedback on my ideas so I’ll be doing a weekly post on the progress and would really appreciate your feedback. I’m designing my and branding my own range of silk scarf’s it would be great to get your opinions on that too.

So that’s what I’m going to be busy doing this Spring, how about you?