Gallery Day: First For Impressionist’s

September 10, 2014

Throughout these past months  I seem to be starting every post with “sorry I haven’t blogged in ages” but I really have been busy preparing for starting uni. We’ve been set an induction project so I’ve been working hard on that. I start next week so I’ve been frantically trying to get all my things together, making mad dashes to Ikea and getting excited about decorating my room! I’ve also been preparing to take my scarf designs “Forget Me Knots Scarves” to the Liberty “Best of British” open call which I attended a few weeks ago. As well as all of that I was in Amsterdam last week so there’s lots of blogging to catch up on over these next weeks.

About two weeks ago I went to the Courtauld Gallery at Somerset House for the “First For Impressionists Exhibition”.  In all honestly before last year – before my art & design foundation degree I really didn’t enjoy going to gallery’s and certainly wouldn’t have enjoyed an exhibition on impressionism. Art that wasn’t of our time really didn’t interest me. However, in hind sight  I realise that impressionism was actually one of the catalysts for modern art as we know it today and ended up falling for the work of well known impressionists including Rodin, Matisse and probably my favourite Degas.

The exhibition itself was gorgeously curated. This was my first visit to the Courtauld gallery and it’s high ceilings, wooden floors and pastel coloured walls provided the perfect backdrop to these imperfect works of art marrying quick brush strokes and viivid colours to capture a moment.

The First for impressionists collection is on show at The Courtauld Gallery Somerset House.

Jacket: H&M
Bag: Zara
Dress: Urban Outfitters

Copy Lab’s new Instagram account is art history appropriation at it’s finest.

August 13, 2014

I love Art history appropriation, Chad Wys tumblr account is one of my favourite’s as is the “mean girls art history‘ Instagram too. There’s a lot of bad art appropriation out there but I love the humour and contrasting techniques that manipulating historical works of art can bring when done well. My latest obsession is @copylabs Instagram account. @copylab or Chris Rellas as he is know started the account just a few months ago, manipulating well known pieces of art including: “The Birth of Venus” by William Adolphe Bouguereau with fashion pieces like a Nasty Gal swim suit. My favourites include: ““Girl with a Chanel Earring” adapted from Girl with a Pearl Earring by Johannes Vermeer. Beyond the novelty aspect of @copylab’s work there’s also a hint of irony, Rellas takes a photo of Frida Kahlo and adds a Céline logo entitling the image “Frida For Céline” contrasting against Frida’s anti-capitalist values. Rellas’s work highlights the increasing blurring of boundaries between art and consumerism. 

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This week I’m listening to: Lana Del Rey Brooklyn Baby

August 12, 2014

This week feels as though summer is slowly coming to an end. The weather is now starting to change, feeling a little cooler and I’ve only got one month left until I go off to uni! With A-level results on Thursday too (good luck to all of those waiting for results I hope you get the grades you deserve) it feels like summer really is coming to a close. I’ve chosen Lana Del Rey “Brooklyn Baby” as my song of the week this week because I think it’s perfect a sound for listening to when making the most of these last few weeks of sunshine and long evenings. In Lana’s typical style it’s quite dreamy and chilled.  I have to say I didn’t listen to Ultraviolence when it was released a few months ago as I’m not an avid Lana fan, but I’ve been listening to the whole album on repeat lately and I can honestly say there’s not a song on it that I dislike.




Cosmetic Surgery: Rhinoplasty, my month long recovery

August 6, 2014

Well it’s been a bit of a strange month for me so I haven’t posted in a while, If I’m honest I’ve sort of been putting off writing this post because it’s quite a difficult one to write. There are so many things that I feel I need to include and lots of advice I feel that I need to give for those thinking about having Rhinoplasty or any other cosmetic procedure in general.

Firstly I’ll start with why I wanted the procedure done. I’ve always hated my nose. Literally there wasn’t anything I liked about it, apart from how my nostrils looked from the front. If you have a little look at the before picture below you can see that it is too large for my face and overpowers my other features and that it’s got a slight hook shape to it.



bigger version




My pre-op experience and questions to ask: 

Taking the decision to actually go through with the procedure took a lot of research and a few consultations. When researching different surgeons I found that companies like Mya and Transform were really good for finding out information and consultations with these large companies are usually free. However, I thought they were really pushy constantly calling me to push for a decision so I didn’t really feel happy going with them. Equally I thought the surgeon for my consultation at Mya ‘Mr Gonschior’ seemed disinterested and vague so I decided to go with a surgeon “Mr Carver” at the Rivers Hospital, which is close to where I live.

After booking in my appointment strangely I didn’t really think about my surgery day too much, I was just really excited and kept visualising my new nose! Knowing what I know now I probably should have been a bit more apprehensive about the whole thing. Once I’d made the decision to go through with the surgery I didn’t really care about the after effects ect… because I was just too excited about the prospect of changing my face. Consequently, looking back to my consultations I don’t feel that I asked the right questions. Most of my knowledge came from googling questions I later had during the recovery process and although YouTube videos and bloggers diary’s are helpful for answering these questions every person reacts differently to cosmetic surgery. So here’s a few questions that I’d wished I’d asked before hand. I have done my best to answer them for you with the experience I have had, however I am most certainly NOT medically trained and everyone is different, this was just my personal experience:

1) Will my smile change?

A: Something I didn’t really think about until after the op and yes I couldn’t smile for about 3 weeks. The muscles between your lip and nose become week and for the first two weeks the whole of my top lip was covered and it looked very strange. However, the good news is that your smile will eventually return. It’s been about a month since surgery for me now and my smile is starting to return to how it looked before. I still have a little way to go though.

2) How long will it take for the stitches to dissolve?

A: Okay so normally I wouldn’t care how long they take to dissolve but  I had a closed Rhinoplasty which means everything is done from inside from a small incision. As a result I had a small stitch line running across the bottom of my nose. The main issue I had with this is that it’s very hard to clean the stitches as you’re not supposed to poke them too much because this cause infection.  Consequently, I had to walk around with a thin line of scarring and blood under my nose for while after which doesn’t look too pleasant. I wish I’d known about this before booking in social engagements for the end of my second week of recovery because I didn’t really  feel comfortable walking round like that. To be fair though this only lasted about two weeks and on my third week my stitches had dissolved.

3) What will help unblock my nose?

A: My nose was really stuffy for a few weeks so in this time I learnt a few tips to help unblock it a little. Walking was the best thing for clearing my nose, the sooner you can start walking towards the end of your first week the better. Walking in the fresh air really cleared it for me. Equally you can’t take decongestant for a bit but I found strong mints kind of helped a little to clear my airways too.

4) How long will the procedure take?

A: It sounds like a basic question to ask but I stupidly didn’t. I thought it would only take around an hour. However, the whole procedure took around 4 hours. I only found this out on the day and that’s when it hit me how intricate the operation would actually be and what it actually involves. It’s not a simple, quick operation.

5) Will I ever feel human again!

A: Eventually yes! For the first few days I felt awful. I did manage to develop a sinus infection on the 3rd day which made my breathing horrendous and my nose wouldn’t stop running so It took me a little longer to feel back to normal again but trust me you will in the end.

Things that didn’t go quite so right for me: My top Cons of Rhinoplasty 

As I said for me the whole experience was not plain sailing as I first imagined. I naively assumed I would be up and blogging during my first week and that just didn’t happen. I’ve since learnt that plastic surgery is not for the faint hearted. These were some of the things I learnt through having Rhinoplasty that you might want to consider before having a nose job or any other cosmetic procedure:

1) Cosmetic surgery is dangerous: You need to seriously weigh up whether it’s worth the risk. During my recovery I had a terrible few days where I regretted the whole thing . On the third day I had lots of clear liquid pouring from my nose and after a quick google my mum realised that it wasn’t normal. We went to the hospital and they suggested to go to A & E  to get it checked out as clear fluid can be a sign of leaking brain fluid. I had no idea this was possible when I opted to have the operation.  It was at this point that the severity of what can happen when you have surgery hit me. After a few hours in A &E and a C.T scan later it turned out to be a sinus infection. However, that didn’t stop the fear of what I could have inflicted on myself. Although I fully trusted Mr Carver, I still feel stupid for putting myself in the position where I could have caused myself brain damage. It’s for risks like these that I would never have any cosmetic surgery again.

2) You may pine for your old face/body: Strangely when my cast first came off all I wanted was my old nose back. This was mainly due to the swelling but also because I didn’t feel myself for a while I didn’t recognise my mannerisms or facial expressions. However this didn’t last long and I’m now happy with the shape and feel it well worth it. It’s still swollen but already looks a lot better than my old nose. You just need patience.

3) Judgement: No everyone agrees with plastic surgery, you might face criticism from your family. Some people can get upset (especially parents) as they may feel you’re changing the face they gave you ect… Luckily my parents were really supportive. My dad took a little convincing that it would be worth the money but when the cast came off he said I’d made the right decision. At the end of the day if you feel that cosmetic surgery will benefit you then you should just do it. However, you do need people around you to care for you when you are recovering so make sure you have someone who will care for you when you come of hospital. I couldn’t even wash my own hair for the first week, my mum had to do it because I couldn’t get my face wet so It’s good to have people around to do little things like that for you.

4) Be Patient: This is something I struggled with. I wanted instant results and hated having to wait 4 weeks to really see results. Even now I desperately want my smile to return and to be able to exercise properly again.

4) Weight Gain: For most people this may not be an issue but for me if I don’t exercise daily even when I’m eating healthily I can really gain weight. You won’t be able to do anything aerobic for about 5/6 weeks or anything that raises your blood pressure or heart rate because it can cause bleeding. I’ve been walking about an hour each day to try to get some exercise but I am really missing the cross trainer.

5) You’ll find other faults: e.g. weight gain, I’ve found that now I’ve fixed one thing I’m being picky about other things that I would change. My face is too round or the fact I don’t have prominent cheek bones or the shape of my eyes ect… However I’ve realised that plastic surgery can be addictive so I need to stop focusing on these things and focus on my new nose as there’s no way I’m anything else done!

5) Prepare for Sleepless nights: You have to sleep basically sitting up on about 3/4 pillows for ages which takes some getting used to. Equally in the first few days you won’t sleep for more than a few hours at a time because you have to keep drinking water. Your mouth gets incredibly dry from breathing through it the whole time.

6) You’ll smell rotting flesh: Probably one of the worst side effects is that you can smell something that I can only describe as the smell of rotting flesh for a few days on and off. Don’t worry know one else can smell it, it’s the smell of everything left over from the surgery breaking down in your nose- pretty disgusting but it does go quite quickly. During this time I rubbed  “Vicks” under my nose as it’s pretty strong and took the smell away or again suck a mint as this seemed to help. Generally cleaning your nose out with a cotton bud but not inserting it all the way in just around the edge can help too.

How I feel now: My top pro’s of Rhinoplasty

So with all the negatives out-of-the-way there are a lot of positives to be had from undertaking cosmetic surgery.

1) Control: It’s weird for me one of the biggest pro’s is that I feel like I’ve taken control of something in my life- I’ve changed what’s meant to be. Some people will see this as a negative but for me I feel completely fulfilled. I’ve changed something that I’ve hated for a long time.

2) Release: I now feel really contented. For ages I’ve been building up all this hate for old nose and excitement about changing it and now I just feel really relaxed and contented. It’s something that I don’t have to worry about anymore.  Though I do worry about hitting it or having a nose bleed.

3) Confidence: Slowly but surely I’m getting more confident with my new nose, at first I actually felt less confident than with my old nose mainly because It was so swollen and I felt it did look very “plastic” however, the swelling is now going down so I’m feeling better about the way it looks. I don’t look in the mirror at it as much now, for the first few weeks after the cast was taken off I would analyse it to see how much the swelling had gone down ect.. but the best thing I can honestly say to do is to put down the mirror down and be patient because it will get there in the end.

I’m starting to really love my new nose now and although the whole experience wasn’t straight forward it was well worth it. I’ll have my new nose for life. It’s an investment- yes, but one that won’t depreciate over time. It’s a part of me and I feel if you’re thinking about cosmetic surgery seriously then do your research, ask the right questions and If you feel excited about it and feel it’s right then go for it because I don’t think you’ll invest your money in anything more rewarding.


This week I’m listening to: Here for you Gorgon City (Bearcubs remix)

June 25, 2014

Now that I’ve finished college I have a whole summer to fill so today my friends and I decided to do a little day trip to the beach. We decided to head to Brighton beach as it’s not too far from our home town on the train. From London Victoria it only took around 1hr and the tickets were inexpensive at £20 for a return. I have to say I didn’t realise Brighton was so cute having never been before, I loved all the little shops and cafes in the streets leading down to the beach. We were so luckily that the sun stayed out and after a lounging on the beach and strolling along the pier we ended the day with traditional fish and chips.

So this week’s “This Week I’m Listening To” is a song that I’ve been listening to a lot today (whilst on the beach) and a song that I’ll be listening to all summer basically. I loved the original ‘Here for you’ by Gorgon City featuring Laura Welch but I heard the Bearcubs remix on Annie Mac’s Sunday Night show a few weeks ago and I just can’t stop listening. It’s the perfect summer song.



Objects Without Meaning

June 17, 2014

Objects Without Meaning‘ focuses on creating well designed, minimal pieces- clothes to be lived in and filled with the “emotions and experiences of everyday life”. The brand are based in Los Angeles, USA but are stocked at The Goodhood Store for us in the UK too. I love the concept, of using simple silhouettes, leaving the wearer free to add their own “meaning” to the pieces through the way they style them.  

Their recent S/S14 collection caught my eye: featuring leaf prints, cotton gauze skirts and great denim pieces. I love the unisex silhouettes with the muted colour pallets- it just works so well. I love the styling for their lookbook too- shot by Setella Berkofsy

This week I’m listening to: ‘Everywhere you go’- London Grammar

June 14, 2014

I know I don’t usually post on a Saturday but It’s been too long been since I last blogged- I’ve been so busy these past weeks. I’ve just finished college and had my final exhibition yesterday. I’ve had loads of other commitments to contend with too. In my first post on the new blog I spoke about the fact that I was finally going to take the leap and have rhinoplasty surgery to change the size and shape of my nose so I’ve been busy sorting that out and have now booked a surgery date for the 4th July which is very close now but super exciting at the same time. 

So this week’s song is one I’ve been meaning to post as my ‘This week I’m listening to’ for ages but just never got round to it.  ‘Everywhere You Go’ by London Grammar is from their Nightcall single EP.  It was actually one of their earlier ones and doesn’t really sound much like their other stuff but I still love it. It’s perfect for listening to now that the days are getting longer and the weather’s warming up. 




College Project Update: Forget Me Knots

May 22, 2014

So for ages now I’ve been going on about my current college project but haven’t actually shared with you guys what it’s all about. My deadline’s approaching in a couple of weeks so I thought it would be a good time to give you an update on what I’m actually doing. It would also be really great if you could give me some feedback too.

This is our final project on the Art and Design Foundation course so we had to create our own briefs- basically we could do anything we wanted. For my project I decided to create my own brand of silk scarves. I’m aspiring to be an art director so I wanted to pick a project that allowed me to explore different mediums including graphics and photography.

The collection of silk scarves is inspired by the natural world and explores the contrast between symmetry and nature. All the scarves are digitally printed too. As part of the branding process, I’ve designed a range of packaging, labels, business cards, website as well as a lookbook for the brand.

Last Friday I decided to shoot the photos for the loobook. I’m a big fan of Juergen teller and Tim Walker and I wanted to channel this kind of aesthetic in my shoot- slightly whimsical but with a strong composition. I’ve been editing away at the photos I took last Friday all week so I thought I’d show you the digital lookbook that I’ve put together for the brand.

I would also just like to say thanks so much to my friend Rosie for modelling and to my dad for standing in the middle of the field on a boiling hot day holding the huge bit of board I used for the shoot.

Let me know what you think?

This week I’m listening to: Panama- Always

May 17, 2014


This week I’m listening to “Always” by Panama, the weather here has been really lovely these past couple of days and felt really summery so it’s been the perfect song to listen to. I’m spending the next couple of days editing a tone of photos for my college project so this will definitely be on my playlist for this weekend along with the Classixx remix version too. 


Advanced Style documentry review

May 12, 2014

Last week saw the UK launch of Ari Seth Cohen’s “Advanced Style” documentary . I’ve been following Ari’s blog for a while now- ever since reading a feature article on his work. The idea of the blog captured my attention as I’ve often thought that older women get overlooked in fashion. Advanced Style was started by Ari in 2008 as a way to showcase that getting older doesn’t mean you have to loose your sense of style. His street style photos depict stylish, creative women over 60 who use the New York streets as their catwalk. 

Personally I’ve never thought that ageing means you need to loose your individuality and blend into the background. I’ve been lucky enough to grow up with two Grandmothers who never believed that age was a barrier to style, so I decided to take my Nana along with me to The Curzon Mayfair to watch the film too.

Both feisty and full of life the documentary follows women who defy the stereotypes of what it is to be old. The film focuses on the way that fashion shapes these women’s lives and keeps them young. I laughed nearly all the way through. Despite depicting women in their 90’s, the documentary was refreshing- these women don’t care about trends, their style is wonderfully eccentric and their personalities are as vibrant and bold as the clothes they wear. I left feeling completely inspired and in total admiration of these women.

Advanced Style is screening at cinemas around selected cinemas in the UK until the 26th June. Click here to view locations and times.

Advanced Style

My Nana’s outfit:

Scarf: Harvey Nichols

Coat: M&S ( see similar)

Bag: Moschino

Advanced Style 2

Bag: Topshop

Shirt: Zara

Coat: H&M (see similar)

Skirt: Topshop